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So while browsing for a new place for my love and I, I stumbled accross this one:


And even though its a full $1000 over what we have budgeted for rent...

I want it SOOOOOO bad!!!!!

*sigh* I knew I never shoulda clicked on that link... :-P

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Just 'cause...

Wanted to see if I was able to blog while on a treadmill. So far it's going well, we shall see what happens once the thing speeds up here....

This could be awesome if it works ok, I'd actually get a blog a day done rather than only blogging when I'm all emo and bawling like a two year old, yeah, it annoys me too.

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Just realized I have some really lame, old icon thingys, I must work on finding and uploading some new ones...

Oh, and I must buy this: http://www.etsy.com/listing/56063284/carved-blue-birdie-and-leaf-lariat-in?ref=fp_recent  as well.

Just thought I'd share...  :P

My baby with the NEW baby!

FINALLY Mary gets around to posting pics!  She had her baby, my new niece Elitza, the most beautiful little angel (female catagory), being held by the most beautiful little angel (male catagory)  :P

Nathan holding Mary's new baby, my new niece, Elitza :-)

And now for something a little different...

Dangit!  So I bought the cutest pair of shoes ever www.jessicasimpsoncollection.com/SHOES/High-Heels/NELLIA.html in the black color of course, but it caused the shoe shopping switch to be triggered in me so I've been browsing online this morning and thought I'd share my wish list with y'all.  As the next year progresses, I plan on purchasing every one of these shoes and will post as I mark them off...




http://www.electriqueboutique.com/womens-shoes/Bordello-Baby-Pink-Glitter-High-Heel-Pump/TEEZE-31G-BPNK.html  Tried these on…omg waaaaaay too cute, want them in every color they have!!!


http://www.electriqueboutique.com/womens-shoes/Sexy-Fetish-High-Heel-Ballet-Shoes/BALLET-08-B.html Have wanted a pair of these FOREVER, must finally make the move to get a pair!













And of course this list is made with a big middle finger pointed squarely at my current Drop Foot condition, I will recover from it if it kills me!

Opening in ONE WEEK!

A Woman on Paper
at Broom Street Theater August 6 to September 12 

"A Woman on Paper," a new play written and directed by Heather Renken depicts the 20th century art impresario, promoter, and photographer, Alfred Steiglitz, and his wife, modern artist and Sun Prairie native, Georgia O'Keeffe. Interlacing a straightforward narrative with elements of experimental theater, movement, and multimedia, the play uses comedy and drama to explore the couple's dilemmas about the nature of art and love as they evolve through a relationship and a lifetime. Join us for a new look at arguably the two most important contributors to early U.S. Modern Art. 

Watch the Trailer video Here:  www.youtube.com/watch

are free and open to the public following the matinee performances at approximately 4pm on these dates: 

·        Sunday, August 8, Patricia Delker, photographer, photo workshop (Magic Images) provider, and instructor.

·        Sunday, August 22, James Rhem, independent scholar in the history of photography and author of books on Ralph Eugene Meatyard and Aaron Siskind, currently working on a book on photographer (and friend of Stieglitz) Anne W. Brigman (1869-1950).

·        Sunday, August 29, Melanie Herzog, Professor of Art History, Edgewood College, author of books on Elizabeth Catlett and Regoven.

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This play is supported in part by a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts.

A little “trip” for my Birthday…

You’ve heard the little clips of comments, seen the random pictures, now I bring to you… THE BLOG! (This is me here, y’all know I’m lame, live with it… :P)

Wednesday, July 21 2010, also known as my 30th birthday, went pretty normally, worked until 5:30, and then the plan was to get a ride from the ex to the mall so I could go pick up my new phone (Which is a huge story all in of itself that I kinda am still cranky with the Sprint kiosk people about, but later…). Then on to play rehearsal to round out the evening. Ex had plans and needed to be downtown by 6:30, so I figured it’d work real slick for him just to drop me off at Home Depot so he could just hop back onto the freeway and I could just walk over to the mall. Easy, no issue solution!

I still had my heels on those ones to be exact  (aren’t they adorable?!?) Anyway, so those who know the East side Madison Home Depot know that it’s got this really steep windy driveway to it’s parking lot, and I was navigating the teeny sidewalk around it just thinking to myself, “omg, I am so gonna kill myself doing this!”, but no, I got down to the street peachy, and plunked myself down on the grass next to the sidewalk and swapped my heels for a much more sensible for walking, Sketchers fitness tennis shoe. Got up, and headed onward.

That next few seconds were kind of a blur, I vaguely remember my foot stumbling, a sensation of falling, and an absolute crash against my skull. I was told that I was laying unconscious for about 7 to 10 minutes, I don’t remember any of that at all though. The next thing I remember was being on my hands and knees, blood dripping from somewhere on my head, and just having absolutely no idea what was going on. I kept looking at all the blood on the sidewalk trying to figure out where it came from, yes I realized my head was dripping blood, but still couldn’t comprehend where the blood on the sidewalk came from. Like I said, I was really out of it, what was weird was that I completely realized it, I was so pissed and frustrated at myself that I was so confused and my brain was so “fuzzy” for lack of a better word, I just kept mentally scolding myself for not thinking clearly. Somehow I located my phone which was in my hand when I went down, it had flown to the grassy area next to the sidewalk, I grabbed it and went to lay down again (don’t ask me why, it just apparently struck me as a really great idea to lay down on the sidewalk…). Then, there was this woman there, asking if I was ok, she had pulled over and got me sitting up.

There was so much blood! My dress I had worn that day was becoming covered in it, my hands and arms were caked, and my phone which I just seemed to be randomly pressing buttons on had it smeared all over it. The woman called the police, or 911, or something, and then gave me something to press against my head, which felt much better. Then all of the sudden I heard lots of sirens and the paramedics pulled up, and I think there was a fire engine for a few moments as well, but I’m not completely sure about that one. I remember telling everyone that I just wanted to lay down, just wanted to take a nap, omg, I was soooooo tired, but even when they got me on the stretcher, the guy admonished me not to close my eyes, I was so not liking that idea at all, and even remember telling him I just wanted to take a quick nap dangit! The woman left…I remember looking up at her and just crying, telling her, “but I don’t even know your name!”, and thanking her profusely. I’m still very upset that I have no way of knowing who she was or any way of properly thanking her. All through this, I remember little snips and pieces, I think I made some calls, I’ve been shown proof of sending bizarre texts, and just kept up rambling about literally everything and anything…

Zip forward to the ER, got everything checked out, the cut in my head got 6 stitches, I had a broken ankle, may have dislocated my shoulder, several bumps and scrapes, and was going to get to deal with “post-concussion syndrome” from the concussion I had apparently suffered. My sanity seemed to seep slowly back into my brain as the evening wore on, but I still seemed a bit hazy, which I’m still kind of feeling or some reason or another. *shrugs* I managed some pretty decent come backs though, my personal fave. Being when the doc asked me if I had anyone to come and pick me up and stay with me for the night, and she kind of just faded off, not really giving a reason so I look at her and go, “Why? Just so someones around to make sure I wake up and am not dead?” :P …that so sounded wittier at the time…

It’s a good thing that no one was around in the morning, had they been, they would have seen me slice my foot open on a piece of glass the next morning…totally not even kidding…  All is good though, I’m really very sore, pretty bruised up, but I shall live, and all will be well.

Ooh! But random factoid? I got to a mirror after leaving the ER and guess what? My lipstick was still on after all of that mess! …hey, I was impressed…
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...Just because I can...

I am offically 30 today y'all! The big 3-0! And if it kills me, the start of some of the best times of my life... *grins*
I know I'm being sefish, I know I'm probably being whiney, but I'm sorry, this hurts!

It hurts SOOOO fucking bad!

Why when we were together did I have to live with people telling me how I needed to leave John, how awful he was, etc., but now that we've broken up, he's out at events, meeting people, and making friends with the very same people who used to practically verbally tear him apart, while I sat there absolutely dying while they did this to the man I loved more than anything in the world?!?

It was probably one of my biggest issues and perhaps that's why I'm struggling with it so, but yeah. So, I'm in this amazing relationship with this wonderful, funny, sweet, attractive guy. He literally made my chest swell with pride at how wonderful he was and how lucky I was whenever I so much as thought about him. On the other hand, I have the Madison kink community filled with all these amazing people I adore and awesome events, and also something I feel incredibly blessed to have in my life. So yay! I have these two really important, awesome things in my life.

So, in my perfect little ideal dream world, I wanted him to share in the experiences and meet the people I so adored in the community, and likewise wanted the community and my friends in it to meet him and get to know this very cool awesome person, literally the most important person in my life. Sadly, that was indeed nothing more than a dream world though, and aside from a First Friday, he said he had no interest in the community, and for me, during the time while we were working on reinventing who I was, certain people and events were put on my restricted activities list.

In a confession to my lack of proper slave behavior at times, I used to argue and beg and plead for him to attend stuff with me, resolutely convinced if he'd just go, just meet these people, he'd have no choice but to love it as much as I did, and on the flip side, was equally convinced that once the community met and got to know him, they would adore him just as much.

I spent two and a half years pining over that dream. It never happened.

What did happen was that just a few days after we broke up was Sabbat. I found out by virtue of a sudden flurry of incoming packages, that he was going to go. With the other girlfriend. I remember being hurt beyond belief, I remember being confused, but most of all, I remember asking myself over and over again, "what was wrong with me?". Why wouldn't he go with me all those times? Why couldn't I ever get that chance to beam in pride while introducing him to people?

To my credit, I decided not to go to that Sabbat. I'm sure darn near everyone remembers the complete asshat I made out of myself there after my last break-up, and honestly? Even though I was 99.9% sure I could maintain my composure and be just fine, I learned that he, and a few others were nervous about me. I felt given my previous "demonstration" that that was more than fair of people to think, and so, I thought that by me not going, it would let people relax and him have an absolute fantastic time. (Unfortunately, my build-up and presentation of what I thought was this sweet gesture was apparently really, really bad (I suck at surprising people), so it didn't go over as well as I had hoped, but I did try.)

So wow, way to veer off topic there, but yes, so I find myself questioning why?

Why couldn't people understand and know how great a guy John was when we were together? Why couldn't I have just one chance to beam in pride over this amazing guy I had? Why instead did I only get to deal with how awful people thought he was?


How could they say anything at all?!? ...but yet they did... Until just recently, when finally, at last, they are meeting him and finding out the truth I wanted them so so so badly to know for years... how really a great guy he is...

And how proud I was of him, how much I adored him, and how wonderful he was.

I mourn for all of the lost possibilities of friendships, that now will never be mine to have.

Multiple O 2!!!!

Broom Street Theater's new play, Multiple O: Women On Top opens Friday night!

Multiple O: Women on Top

Written and directed by John Sable

April 23 - May 30, 2010

Following in the hilarious footsteps of 2008's hit Multiple O, its' sequel, Multiple O: Women on Top continues to showcase important works of sexual non-fiction. This time, exploring the sexual fantasies of women all across America.

Mattie convinced her book club to read Nancy Friday's "Women on Top." She was not prepared for what her fellow club members were about to reveal.

This erotic 'Adults Only' comedy is a must-see for every women who believes her own fantasies are "too far out there" and for every man who wants a sneak-peek into the sensual daydreams of the women around him.

Reserve your tickets today - 608.244.8338 More info at www.Broomstreet.org